Man who suffered severe liver and kidney damage sues makers of nutritional supplements

The law firm of Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP is representing a 37-year old father of two young children who suffered serious and life-threatening injuries after using over-the-counter nutritional supplements. Fernando Del Real used two products called Tri-Methyl Xtreme and Liver Health to increase his strength and build muscle. Within just one month, he began showing signs of fatigue, jaundice, and intractable itchiness. Even though he immediately stopped using the products, his health deteriorated rapidly. He lost 40 pounds in a short period of time, and suffered kidney failure and serious liver injury, including cholestasis. He was hospitalized at USC Medical School where doctors scrambled to save his life and considered placing him on the liver transplant waiting list.

His attorneys have filed a personal injury lawsuit on his behalf in Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges claims of products liability, negligence, misrepresentation, breach of warranty, and intentional tort against the makers and distributors of Tri-Methyl Xtreme, and negligence and false representation against the makers and distributors of Liver Health.

Marketed as a safe workout supplement, Tri-Methyl Xtreme actually contains potent and dangerous prohormones. Liver Health, on the other hand, falsely promises to promote liver health and protect consumers from liver injury.

The case, which is pending before Judge Halm, seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages against the defendants.

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