Our lawyers handle a wide variety of litigation. Some examples include the following:

COVID-19 Nursing Home/Assisted-Living Cases (Additional Information)

Prescription Drugs

ONFI (Additional Information)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (Low T) (Additional Information)

Aricept 23 (Additional Information)

Medical Devices

Surgical Mesh (Additional Information)

Hip Implants (Additional Information)

Power Morcellator (Additional Information)

Talcum Powder (Additional Information)

Nutritional Supplements

Prohormones and steroids

Diet pills

Pre-workout supplements

Personal Injury

Auto Accident

Catastrophic Injury

Wrongful Death

Aircraft and Other Transportation

Premises Liability

Class Action Litigation (Additional Information)

Criminal Defense

Environmental Litigation:

Federal and state statutes (including CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, ESA, FIFRA, TSCA, Proposition 65)

Underground Storage Tank Leaks

Land Contamination

Business Litigation:

Contract Disputes

Wrongful Foreclosure

Consumer Fraud

Unfair Business Practices

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